Monday, March 28, 2011


sorry peeps for the bad usage of word up there.. my emotion right bow is a bit mix up with jumble of lots of thing.. well a usual, it the end of sem, with final going around.. my final almost meets it end but yet still have 1 more paper to go and its prob stat which known as random process.. actually its not that sucks on the final week but when things that not related to the subjects start to join force with all the problem given by the question, that's the point where it feel sucks.... for me, its normal thing for things like this to happen at his time... well, just need to bear with it just for few more sem or should i say just 2 more sems... what i learn from this time, when the situation is already tough, don't make it tougher because thing will get worse...

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


fyi, im a very simple person... i don't cross ur border n u plz don't cross mine, ok... simple as that....let me do what ever i want, n u do what ever u want... if u find im doing sumthing, just shuhh.... and keep to urself... if i know that, someone been talking behind my back.. plz, come to me n said it out loud... do we have problem? no, rite... than, astalavista......

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


next week is my final xm... so this week should be my study week la kan... but, for us in uniten, there is no terms for study week.. because fes, we don't have study week and its up to the lecture either want to give us early break or not, second, normally our last week before final xm is our due date to submit all our project, assignment, and presentation. so, now im currently doing my assignment, and yet i still have 2 more assignment to be done n to be submit by this friday... just pray that i can co-op with the time.... and plz time, be more slower... plz pity us.....

Sunday, March 13, 2011

i miss rowing

seriuosly, i regrat that i said to myself n to gadis chomeyl that i want to quit rowing... the truth is, i haven't enough yet row... now, im looking forward to row again.... i wanna row...

i miss
boat 8+

single scull


i want a body like this...
so i can become a great rower.... hahahhahaah

i'm back

holla dear readers, such a long time i've not updated my blog... first, i didn't have time to update it, second i have no mood to blog n dunno what to write on it... third, i'm lazy... hahahah..... but for this time i'll try to update my blog more frequent. hope that more n more idea will came n cheers u all up.... hahahah......