Monday, October 31, 2011






Thursday, October 13, 2011

one more to go

its already 2weeks pass for my adidas king of the road and varsity boat race.. so far im doing quite well in this two event. yes for sure im really in nick of time training very very very very hard for these three events. only putrajaya night marathon i've not run yet.. for this moment, i just break my personal best for my 10km which is i've complete in 56min.. n guess what, i've beat my ultimate runnig mate, KOBE.. hahahahaha... but, he's just behind me for 1min.. so this mean, i need to train more to beat him.. hahaha... for my varsity boat race, my M4+ crew, i did manage to get myself a bronze medal... im quite dissapointed because i know that my crew can gain gold for this but myb its still not our time yet.. well, the game is getting thougher nowadays... for my M8+ crew,we manage to wet until semifinal competing with notingham universities, atenoe university of manila, suranaree unversity,chuk and UTHM.. im proud with my crew... hahaha... so once again, i'm all at my highest peak of fitness to run 21km this saturday nite.. this is my 2nd half marathon.. so i really hope that i can run better that my last record which is 2hour and 45 min...

wish me a big luck guys... :D