Sunday, August 14, 2011

next event

as we all know that my last event on Standard Charted KL Marathon 2011, wasn't as good as i expected .... i thought i could end up my race less than 2 hour 30 min but i end up at 2hour 45min... well, due to lack of training and less preparation, this is my result...

but now, im doing my training for my next event which will be on October... at first i didn't realized that im this pack for October.. then after completing my latest event, i found out that im full from first week of October till the 3rd week of October...

first week of Oktober, 2nd oktober 2011,

adidas king of road 2011

10km run
sunway pyramid, NPE highway

(10km route map, is still in the same route... the reason i took 10km is because i have rowing tournament next week.. :D)

second week, 3rd october 2011 untill 9th october 2011,

varsity boat race 2011
rowing event
putrajaya water sports complex
(can't find this year logo...heee)

third week, 15 october 2011,

putrajaya night marathon 2011


(this will be my 2nd half marathon, hope this time i can run along with my teamate, kobe)

wish me luck readers in all my next event... hahah... hope i can still breath right... hahaha....