Saturday, May 19, 2012


salam n greetings to all readers....
its been a while since i posted my last post regarding my running event.. im reallllllllyyyyyyyy busy with my final year project... and now, i've sattle everythings up and im a freeman.... im done with my study... for next, just focusing on my working n my GADIS CHOMEYL... its quite late for me to post up here regarding gadis chomeyl's birthday... walauapapun, to my dear love NOR 'AZZAH BTE ABD RAHMAN, HAPPY 23rd BIRTHDAY..... its been 5years celebrating your birthday together... althought the first was not really celebrating.. heee...these 5years really goes so fast just like a blink of eye... realized or not, we are graduating.. i still remember the first day i saw you in BTN... you were so cute, lovely, pampered, beautiful... i realized that its could be great if i could be friends with you and guess what... we do be friends after that.. since the day i saw you at btn, i knew that you are not just a girl, you are the girl.. you really kept my eyes on you.. at first i just wanna be friends, but after having chat YM with you, i feel like i wanna know you more.. i wanna be close to you more.. from the day i ask for your number, i knew that i need to do something and start making move... the feeling keep growing and growing and growing days n days with seeing you around in uniten everyday... owh, what a wonderful feeling i have there...i know, you are mine and i'll do anything to make you happy and you will be safe with me... you are not just a friend to me, you are my girl, my boo, my strength, my motivation, my lucky charm,my best friend, my all...... you change my world a lot... there are so much thing i would like to talk about you.. so much stories, so much moment of being together and making my life colourful... i just feel like im the most luckiest person on earth to have you by my side.. well dear, thing will change after this n for sure, our life will get more interesting after this n i'll promise you that our life will be great and wonderful after this... so much more thing i wanna do with you... we'll pray for it dear... lastly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR.... i never miss to post this  entry on each year of your birthday.... just cant wait to be with you soon.... just bare with me and lets start saving money.. ;) oh, btw, HAPPY GRADUATING DEAR N may we'll get a great job... i LOVE you, Nor 'Azzah LOVE you so much more.... lots lots lots of love waiting for you here with me...  (^_____^)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

last week preparation

next week will be my last week for preparing myself for BROOKS HALF MARATHON in bukit jalil... i now that i haven't train well due to busyness but i hope all my running these back day will help to to improve my timing from my current personal best which is 2:18 hour in Penang International Bridge Marathon. well, as for my last week preparing myself, thing that i should do and not to do are:
1) avoid spicy foods
2) avoid drinking ice
3) avoid oily food
4) rest well
5) don't train hard anymore (just light training, 5km slow run just to keep body condition)
6) try to be healthy
7) no futsal
8) get fast recover from any injury

so, there you go.. my do's and don'ts to preparing myself here.. hope i could break my personal best this event... targeting finishing time is less than 2hour 10min.. btw, my knee is not feel so good right now... my calf too feels tired... so, i reallllllllly need to have a good rest for this week... swimming is also one way of rehab from sports injury.... 

updating current running distance:

5km + 6km + 10km + 10km +10km = 41km
total distance for this 2 weeks.

overall distance for this year:

80.6km + 41km = 121.6km

wo00o0o0o0o0o0o0oo0~~~~ da bley masuk ultramarathon da nie.. hahahahah....

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

weekly update....

so, here again i'm posting my daily run... last week i've run 5km and last monday 10km.. from now onward, i will run constantly 5km, 30min....but in order to run with that speed constantly i've to slow it down my pace n some time if i go fast n for sure i could not stay much longer for 21km.. hahaha... what i've realized that if i ran up hill, my time will gone slower... T.T.... hhahahaha.. owh, i just realized that this eve, i had run 1.6km... hahahha.. that was an unplaned run while i was waiting for my gadis chomeyl to finish up her track traing for 100m for uniten's olahraga... and just now, i've follwer my rowing coach mr Ibrahim fun 2 round in the track, but he was tooooooo fast and i cant barely follow his pace... only two round i manage to follow him.... hahhahaa.... =.= ...

5km + 10km + 1.6km + 64km = 80.6km... 

hoooo yeah.... 


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

new running family member

guys, meet my new running family member.. my lunarfly2

 and new short for running..

 thanks to my gadis chomeyl for accompanying me searching this new shoe.. i wasn't looking for lunarfly2, i was looking for lunarglide3 but every where i go, they all has no stock left, midvalley, alamanda, and mines, and lastly i meet my new family member at al-ikhsan alamanda.. they are the one who has size 12.. and this was the only pair left.. so, without much thinking, i just grab it.. n there you go, lunarfly2, its mine... hahahaha.... my old adidas adiprene has came to its end of life.. you have served me well my dear bro... far far away you has brought me.. adidas adiprene was a great shoe... for two years, i've wear that shoe, and now, it need to be in rest... here i put my lovely adidas adiprene... may we all remember what a great job he has did to me... :D

da haus gile da tapak.. sian dia....

here is the two brothers... :D

long runnnnnnn......

its been a while since 2week i guess i've not updated my running track.. hhahaha... i've been busy like very very very very busy with my Final Year Project... BUT, how busy i am, im still run in my eve.. now i have my own pacer which is my GADIS CHOMEYL... of course she is not running with me, but she'ill wide a bike n follow me or im the one following her.. hahaha... day to day, my timing has improve , thanks to gadis chomeyl.. heee...  in last 2 week i've been running for 4days of 5km, one day of 7km, and yesterday, i did 10km.... so in total i;ve run 37km in 2weeks.. since it will be less than a month to Brooks HALF Marathon, i hope that my running will continues like this for this one month...

total running for this year:
27km + 37km = 64km....

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

today was awesome but disaster

today was an awesome day yet  its disaster... woke up at 8.15 then get prepared for breakfast with mr treadmill... this morning i run for 5km on treadmill.. then it time to build some muscle so that i could be like huge jackman ... hahaha... lol... finish up at 10am.. then went to class, and in the eve, i didn't plan to run since i've run in the morning but because of boredom, i went to run. in the middle of my starting to run, feel like not in the mood to run alone, quite bored i guess sometime... so i change my direction to our dss(hall) to ergo-ing... hahahah... out of suddent, im ergo-ing.. not just 2km but i go for 6km instead... hahahha... dem im dead.. but its fun after long time not seing mr ergo.. hahahah... in my opinion, ergo-ing is just same as running but it use our whole body, need mentel n physical as well... n the fats burns more n our stamina will increase faster... hhahahah.... futhermore, i just finish up futsal for 1hour right after my ergo... haiyaaa..... demn im tired tonite...

a picture of ergometer

so for today, 5km run + 6km ergo = 11km.. ( please let me count ergo as well.. :P)

my total running distance= 15km + 11km = 26km... 

so for tomorrow, hope things will repeat again... :D

Monday, January 30, 2012

first hill run for the year

today, i and my friend faizal has completed our first hill run of the year at presint diplomatic.. we have go thru 4 long hills i would say and it the shortest distance i guess among the roads.. we manage to run for 52mins for 10km plus minus...

total distance for now 15km :D

shoe hunt 2nd edition

today i went to mines shopping center to search my new running shoe. i found out that nike lunarglide and lunarfly was very attractive to me and its look very comfy.. i read a review form running world magazine that they says both these two designs is really holding out feet... as the green and orange part in the shoes were made for our feet.. of course it is also water proof as told by the salemen.. plus, its sale.. lunar glide which is RM409 you would get it for RM329( if im not mistaken).. i really would like to try out these two shoes but unfortunately, they have run out of stock for my size.. i was really disapointed... but, sooner i would like to search for more n try it out... sorry if you could not find any valueble info.. 

 lunarglide 3