Monday, July 25, 2011

dilema version 2

from my last entry, i've mention that im in confuse to buy myself a compression tight.. well now i've another which im dont know which mp3 should buy for me.. but these two suit me for me to bring along while im running... the top one is much cheaper rather than below... the top one, i can buy 2 with the same price for the below one. but the below one, i can use in very comfortable while im running plus, it is water proof, so, idont hav to worry if im running in rain.... but for the 1st one, it is not water proof.. insteed, it has wire.. n if im buying that one, i need to buy an arm wrap so that make me easier to run.. no need to hold it during running... so, readers, may u help me choosing which one should buy.....

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    tgk cni eh yang..yang,nk la beli clip tuh..hehe