Saturday, January 7, 2012

running shoe hunt

Today, me n my gadis chomeyl went to Pavilion KL.. While we were there, we went to ASICS store since i'm searching for my new running shoe as my present shoe has already come to its end.. so, in the store the promoter has show me 4 design of ASICS running shoe with the design that suit my feet type which is neutral.. 

The first shoe wasn't able to try since they are already out of stock for my size ....  

The second shoe was quite comfortable, the cushioning was good, has support for my leg, the surface was stable..  

The third shoe, ASICS GEL kayano 18, was superb nice as it is also nice to know the price.. the cushioning was really great which i could say better than the 2nd one..

The forth shoe was ASICS GEL KINETIC 3(if im not mistaken).. this was the most comfortable shoe that i've ever wear... the cushioning was great, the wear was perfect and as well with the price.. it cost almost RM9++... unfortunately, this shoe could only be used for sprint and short distance run and not suitable for marathon... 

So lastly, i think that i might buy ASICS for my next running shoe.. weather the red one( RM4++) or the green one (reasonable price within my budget RM2++).. money... i need you now.... and if i have EXTRA MONEY, i'll buy ASICS GEL KAYANO 18...hahahahahahaah...

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