Tuesday, April 19, 2011

my next run SCKLM 2011

as i've mention in my facebook, my last event was energizer night race held at sepang international circuit.. at first, i thought this is a big hit for the event but at last it turn out really bad....the organizer like didn't have enough workers and all seem a big failure to energizer.... my performance in that race was really upset..... can u imagine that in the middle of the race, like in the 7th km, i had stomachache.. that feel like i can't wait any longer... so, every person in-charge in the route i ask them is there any toilet nearby... unfortunately, there is isn't one.. i keep walking until i completed my race... my timing was 1 hour 15minutes... i could finish it less than 55min, but what can i do... my stomach doesn't let me... so, for my next run, i'll be running in the city of KUALA LUMPUR for STANDARD CHARTED KL MARATHON 2011 (SCKLM2011).. this time, i join the half marathon which is 21km... ok.. thats a bit too much.. but just wanna have an experience in this... hahha... so here i attach SCKLM2011 poster and also my route for this event....

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