Wednesday, May 4, 2011

dekat tp jaoh

its almost been a month i've stay in Shah Alam. not my family moving here but i'm having my practical here by..actually, my practical is at teluk paglima garang and i stay at shah alam. ok, im not gonna talk about my practical or where i stay. shah alam n klang is just beside each other. futhermore, place i stay in shah alam is just 20min drive to klang. everyday i went to work, i will pass-by klang.. but not the klang that i wanna go.. everyday i wish day i could go there by myself and of course pick her up.. my place and her place just 20min drive and if i have the ability, i would like to go there... we live very near to each other but it feels like we like at from north to south.... for almost 1 month i stayed here, just last week we met.... im so bored without her....

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