Sunday, March 4, 2012

last week preparation

next week will be my last week for preparing myself for BROOKS HALF MARATHON in bukit jalil... i now that i haven't train well due to busyness but i hope all my running these back day will help to to improve my timing from my current personal best which is 2:18 hour in Penang International Bridge Marathon. well, as for my last week preparing myself, thing that i should do and not to do are:
1) avoid spicy foods
2) avoid drinking ice
3) avoid oily food
4) rest well
5) don't train hard anymore (just light training, 5km slow run just to keep body condition)
6) try to be healthy
7) no futsal
8) get fast recover from any injury

so, there you go.. my do's and don'ts to preparing myself here.. hope i could break my personal best this event... targeting finishing time is less than 2hour 10min.. btw, my knee is not feel so good right now... my calf too feels tired... so, i reallllllllly need to have a good rest for this week... swimming is also one way of rehab from sports injury.... 

updating current running distance:

5km + 6km + 10km + 10km +10km = 41km
total distance for this 2 weeks.

overall distance for this year:

80.6km + 41km = 121.6km

wo00o0o0o0o0o0o0oo0~~~~ da bley masuk ultramarathon da nie.. hahahahah....

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