Wednesday, February 15, 2012

new running family member

guys, meet my new running family member.. my lunarfly2

 and new short for running..

 thanks to my gadis chomeyl for accompanying me searching this new shoe.. i wasn't looking for lunarfly2, i was looking for lunarglide3 but every where i go, they all has no stock left, midvalley, alamanda, and mines, and lastly i meet my new family member at al-ikhsan alamanda.. they are the one who has size 12.. and this was the only pair left.. so, without much thinking, i just grab it.. n there you go, lunarfly2, its mine... hahahaha.... my old adidas adiprene has came to its end of life.. you have served me well my dear bro... far far away you has brought me.. adidas adiprene was a great shoe... for two years, i've wear that shoe, and now, it need to be in rest... here i put my lovely adidas adiprene... may we all remember what a great job he has did to me... :D

da haus gile da tapak.. sian dia....

here is the two brothers... :D

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