Wednesday, February 1, 2012

today was awesome but disaster

today was an awesome day yet  its disaster... woke up at 8.15 then get prepared for breakfast with mr treadmill... this morning i run for 5km on treadmill.. then it time to build some muscle so that i could be like huge jackman ... hahaha... lol... finish up at 10am.. then went to class, and in the eve, i didn't plan to run since i've run in the morning but because of boredom, i went to run. in the middle of my starting to run, feel like not in the mood to run alone, quite bored i guess sometime... so i change my direction to our dss(hall) to ergo-ing... hahahah... out of suddent, im ergo-ing.. not just 2km but i go for 6km instead... hahahha... dem im dead.. but its fun after long time not seing mr ergo.. hahahah... in my opinion, ergo-ing is just same as running but it use our whole body, need mentel n physical as well... n the fats burns more n our stamina will increase faster... hhahahah.... futhermore, i just finish up futsal for 1hour right after my ergo... haiyaaa..... demn im tired tonite...

a picture of ergometer

so for today, 5km run + 6km ergo = 11km.. ( please let me count ergo as well.. :P)

my total running distance= 15km + 11km = 26km... 

so for tomorrow, hope things will repeat again... :D

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